This is my whole discography from newest to oldest works. From 2007 till 2014 I’ve been releasing under the DCM alias. There’s also one remix under Peter Feegle alias which I used for some deeper more experimental dj sets. At that period I was strongly influenced and by wide range of house, deep house, tech house and progressive house / trance styles.

In the meantime I’ve been involved in Krakowitz project, which focuses on melodic, downtempo electronica and electro pop music.

From 2016 I’ve been releasing, dj’ing and playing live under my own name Piotr Figiel and my style evolved into wide range of techno genres. In 2022 I’ve started my own label RWETES and most of my work is released there.

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as Piotr Figiel


in Krakowitz

as DCM / Peter Feegle