soundcloudPiotr Figiel – music producer, live act performer and dj from Krakow, host of radio show Essentia Electronica at Off Radio Kraków. Formely known for DCM and Peter Feegle projects and radio shows “Set Dnia” and “Mikstura” aired at Radiofonia radio.

Since 2014 Piotr performs under his own name, focusing mostly on techno and IDM in his live acts. Piotr collaborates with Biuro Dźwięku Katowice, French label Nashton Records and newly established collective BLCKSTR. Among other gigs, Piotr performed at Street Art Festival, Ars Cameralis Festival and twice at Tauron Nowa Muzyka festival. Apart from the solo activity, Piotr teams up with Dominik Gawroński, creating Krakowitz – nostalgic, synthesizer-based, melodic music project.